Fimelato 4 you

About Us

Fimelato provides you with the pleasure of wearing sartorial suits to live your daily life as a protagonist, with the awareness of rediscovering it in a new and different way.

Our great passion for Made in Italy tailoring allows us to believe in the noble art of doing well and in the aesthetic value of a handcrafted customized garment.

That is why we have thought of a new way of bringing the client closer to the experience of creating a bespoke suit.
Fimelato is your tailor who reaches you wherever you are, letting you choose the date, place, time and above the master craftsman.

The Fimelato suit represents the Italian tailoring excellence, and it provides an exclusive emotion to our client. 
In this emotion, the client is always at the centre of the creation of his unique and fashionable suit.

An original experience that allows anyone to become the designer of their own custom made garment. 
Our greatest aspiration is to make as much more people as possible feel the pleasure of wearing Italian elegance every day.