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Bespoke or Made to measure? Let's be clear

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BESPOKE: adjective deriving from the contraction of the English expression "been spoken for".

In nineteenth-century London all the tailors owned the cuts of fabric that men belonging to the highest social classes selected to have their suit made, the one that had been talked about: hence the expression been spoken for.

From that moment on, more and more people were interested in this exclusive artisan practice that allowed anyone to independently decide on the fabric and color of the tailored suit they would buy.

A tailored suit is handcrafted by a professional tailor and can take up to four meetings with the customer, during which measurements are taken and changes are made to the suit from time to time until the desired effect is achieved.

A very common mistake today is to still confuse the terms "tailoring" and "tailored" as if they were two synonyms, but this is not the case. There are considerable differences between the two adjectives to which we must pay close attention, especially if we are approaching the world of tailoring for the first time.

Let's see them immediately:

Tailored suit VS Tailored suit

The tailored suits are made starting from industrial patterns that are subsequently modified according to the needs and measurements of the customer. Compared to a tailored suit, for tailor-made suits you have the possibility to choose from a large number of existing models, which are adapted following the physicality of the customer. The choice of fabric and pattern is equally vast but is still limited compared to that of a tailored garment.

And the tailored suit? A whole different story.

The only limit of the customer during the first meeting with the tailor will be his imagination: contrary to a tailor-made suit whose choice is very wide, but still limited, in this case it will be the customer himself who decides every detail of the your dress, from the color, to the fabric, to the lining, to the shape and personalization.

Based on what the customer has expressed, the tailor will return to the laboratory to create a first model of suit, which will then be adapted to the customer's choices and preferences, measured down to the minimum centimeter and finally hand-sewn. In this case, the presence of the tailor will be very useful and essential for receiving the best advice on which fabric to use based on the desired fit, which colors are best suited to the context of use of the suit or simply to the client's complexion.

The customer and tailor then work together to create the suit, making the purchase a real experience that can take up to three months to get the final result.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a tailored suit


-Excellent fit
-Possibility of Customization
-It will never go out of style
-It will encourage you to stay fit


-Not available for purchase online
-Long waiting times
-High cost

The tailored suit will become your essential charm weapon to show off the best of you and your personality on every occasion.