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Casual or Elegant dress code? Start from the socks

Nowadays the rules of the perfect style don’t exist and over the years we have learned how to mix the ancient dogmas of fashion. Who says that the tie can’t be used on a sporty look?

The high fashion catwalks during Fashion Week have contributed to enlarge this “anarchic system”, trying to teach us to dare in a world where everything looks the same.

But have you ever wondered which is the main accessory that can restore an extra touch of style to a man without distorting his personality?

The answer is really simple: the socks.

It may seem bizarre but since the Middle Ages this accessory was a complementary element in high-ranking fashion and the Kings used to show off their knee-high socks ad a hallmark of their social status.

This is the reason why especially our grandparents at Christmas gift us with socks. For long time -and for someone still today – it was seen as an important and generous gift.

Find the perfect socks can seem complicated in a chaotic and ever-changing world like ours; that’s why I would like to explain some simple “rules” that can be useful to those looking for a unique and unmistakable look.


The choice is very simple if you follow these basic tips to make no mistake:


  1. Abolish (almost completely) ankle socks from your wardrobe: Elegance does not necessarily mean wearing a jacket and tie but it can also be observed in a man who loves to dress in informal and sporty clothes. Hardly a non-existent sock will be able to return the extra touch of style you are looking for. Now you will wonder, "what about the moccasins?" , unfortunately today it’s still one of the eternal dilemmas and on certain occasions, such as in summer, this exception to the rule is allowed.
  2. Crew and mid calf socks: this length is a few centimeters above the ankle. This type of sock is suitable for a casual look combined with a pair of jeans, preferably with a straight leg or with a wide cut.
  3. Knee high socks: obviously we are not talking about pantyhose. The only persmissible lenght is the one that covers the calf and is undoubtedly the most suitable for a glamorous and elengant context. The choice of color and material in this case will be fundamental and will enhance the suit you decide to wear.


Once you have chosen the length of your socks, it’s necessary  to face the choice of color.

The plain color is certainly better suited to formal occasions and the color is usually chosen according to that of the trousers and shoes, following their color scheme or daring with similar colors. For examples dark blue and black match with a blue suit; anthracite matches with a gray suit; camel matches with a beige suit and so on.

Anyway if we talk about a broken suit (the Italian “spezzato”), it’s always better to recall the tone of the jacket and shoes rather than that of the trousers, which could serve as a contrast to the rest.

The advice is therefore to always choose a color of the same color range but of a darker tone than the entire suit or the jacket and shoes that you will choose to wear.

What about white socks? Unless you’re playing on a tennis or basketball court, leave them in your wardrobe.

The issue of pattern socks is certainly more complicated. As already stated, the elegant man does not necessarily have to wear a formal suit. Even going out with friends can be a chance to show off

your own style and pattern socks can become good allies.

Matching the pattern of your socks with the color of a sweater or a clutch bag will be your alternative way to show off a bold contemporary elegance.

As in all things, the important thing is not to overdo it and stay in balance between good taste and the expression of one's personality.

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