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In the “Texas Black Tie” the tuxedo is worn with boots

The type of event and importance are specified in the invitation. Knowing these events and their meanings is essential to choose the right clothing, without falling into the undertone or exaggerating with an overdress. In order not to make a mistake in clothing, I list an overview of the most popular "dress codes".

White Tie/Morning Suit

A "code" reserved for extremely formal or official evenings. Difficult, one could say impossible, to find it in invitations that are not reserved for the
true jet-set, at top-level international political meetings or between heads of state. If you've been invited to a white tie party, let's see what to wear. The tailcoat with a white bow tie, shirt and vest is mandatory
also strictly white. A white handkerchief in the breast pocket is required. The top hat may be necessary in the case of an "indoor" reception to accompany "the entrance" and of course to be removed immediately as soon as the evening begins.

Black Tie / Ultra formal for the cocktail

Going down a step, in more "normal" environments but always linked to high society, the gala evening requires, after 5 pm, the "Black Tie", which during the day is completed by the correspondent "Stroller", essentially similar to the previous one but with a "normal" black tie instead of a bow tie. Black tuxedo, black bow tie, black pump shoes with flat grosgrain knot, long black silk socks. Displaying the traditional costume of your country of origin or a high-ranking uniform if you belong to a military weapon is comparable to a black tie. The Black Tie also knows several "variations on the theme".

Black Tie Invited / Black Tie Optional
These are two versions in strict order of decreasing rigor compared to the strict ultra formal. Invited: the tuxedo is still the most suitable option. The fact that the black tie is "invited" is a simple form of courtesy so that adhering to the rules, even if not necessary, is almost mandatory.
Optional: it is less strict. The tuxedo can give way to a suit as long as it is strictly black.

Creative Black Tie
Let's go down the "ladder of formality" with this dress code that allows a bit of freedom, interpreting the formal dress in a trendy and often more
funny. The tuxedo can be “deformed” with non-traditional accessories. In the “Texas Black Tie” the tuxedo is worn with boots.

Attire cocktail
The cocktail dress in high society is considered an informal dress code. It simply provides, in its general lines, the dark suit.

Formal Attire and Semi / Formal Attire
This dress code also basically corresponds to the previous ones, being linked to more formal events. Compared to black / white tie, however, we are talking about unofficial environments and therefore less rigid in application:
tuxedo or dark suit. In case of daytime events in places with a hot climate, a white jacket is allowed. Semi / Formal, on the other hand, does not provide for any constraints for daytime commitments, classifiable as before those of 6 pm: wear a suit or a sports jacket, however elegant, after the fateful time it must be strictly dark. The semi / formal does not in any way provide for the use of jeans and other casual clothing.

A5 (After five)
If the appointment is a cocktail, an aperitif or a typical "happy hour"
in an elegant setting, here's how to decode the d.c. A5, much more friendly than the previous ones. The shirt and a pair of elegant trousers, but not even the jacket is standard, much less the tie. There are no particular restrictions on colors. Its "variant" A5 casual (or even "Dressy Casual") basically only excludes jeans.

Casual (or informal) for the cocktail
The "casual" is by definition a non-dress code, which means that there are no precise formal rules to follow. No tie, but sporty trousers with a shirt with rolled up sleeves. Therefore, maximum freedom and an ethnic style is also fine, perhaps not too flashy. The
"Smart casual", on the other hand, is the only d.c. which expressly provides for the use of jeans.

Business Traditional Attire
In work and business environments, the habit of casual / informal is becoming more and more popular and starting from the "Friday" of Anglo-Saxon traditions is now becoming increasingly popular. However, the Business Traditional (BTR, with some references) has certainly not lost importance, essentially consisting of the jacket and tie. The important thing is to remain consistent with the working environment in which you operate.

Business Best
The "Business Best" is the dress code that is used for business events
exceptional or of a high formal level in which "representation" plays an important part. In this case, a dark or pinstripe tailored suit, single-breasted or double-breasted, with a white shirt is a must
with double cuffs and cufflinks and handkerchief in the pocket. Strictly black shoe.

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