Fimelato 4 you

In winter, never without the camel coat

the timeless must-have for him.

A key item to always have in your winter wardrobe.

But why invest in a camel coat?
The reasons are many, and they have to do with the story, the combinations, the style, even the body.
So here are 5 good reasons to decide to finally buy a camel coat this winter.
With the certainty that it will not hibernate in future cold seasons.

It passed centuries of history unscathed!

It was born in the 1920s. A garment widespread among members of high society, which became famous thanks to the English brand Jaeger. Used on the battlefield in World War II to complete military uniforms, it was none other than Marlon Brando in the 1970s that made him a cool garment, thanks to the camel coat he wore in the 1972 film Last Tango in Paris.
But the beige coat, in more recent times, has also been spotted on stars of the caliber of Harry Styles and Kanye West, who have consecrated it as an old / new wardrobe staple.

Withstands the passage of time!

The camel coat, if well tailored, is designed to last over time.
In fibers such as wool, cashmere and silk, if stored and brushed with care, it can also be handed down.
For this reason it is important to invest in a classic cut outerwear, in the traditional color and of high quality. The initial cost will be repaid by the use, which will certainly not be isolated in winter 2022.

When it is said that it looks good on everything!

The camel coat, thanks to its neutral color, is perfect to be worn with all the other tones, from the brightest to the most basic.
The camel coat gives its best in combination with black and cream, but it can also be worn with pastel or bright shades such as red and emerald, up to modern fluo.

It is a democratic sartorial garment!

The camel coat knows no age, size or silhouette limits.
Designed for very young men, up to thirty years old and for those who have now passed the threshold of -anta, it adapts to all physicalities.
Just focus on a linear model, long for those who are taller, knee-length for the shorter ones.
Single-breasted for those with a more determined figure, double-breasted for those who are thin.
A double-breasted camel coat, in the latest fashion!

It adapts to any style

Lover of the elegant and classic look? The camel coat enhances any office uniform and goes perfectly with a white shirt or a turtleneck, even in the evening.
The more casual outfit, based on sweatshirts and jeans, immediately becomes original thanks to the addition of the camel coat.
Seeing is believing!

How many of you will be wearing a camel coat this winter?