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It's time for Holidays: what do I bring on vacation?

The long-dreamed and well-deserved summer holidays!

We plan them months in advance, we study everything there is to know about our new destination, we write down the best restaurants and places not to be missed during our stay. Is this how we arrive without even realizing the much hated moment in which we are forced to ask ourselves “what should I pack”?

Experimenting with new outfits for the summer holidays is a great way to travel without sacrificing look and style but above all without filling our luggage in a senseless way.

If you are reading this article you probably don't know where to start to create your ideal holiday outfit. Our first advice is to think about the destination destination, understand its mood, foresee participation in certain events, consider the colors of the place where you will stay.

Once you have made a mind map of all these aspects that you will absolutely have to consider, you are ready to read our summer tricks to show off a perfect outfit even on vacation!

The perfect outfit for a beach holiday

First of all, remember to always choose elegant clothing, yes, but above all c-o-m-o-d-i. Comfort is an element to always consider and that must accompany you from the beginning to the end of your holiday.

Choosing tailor-made garments on this occasion can represent the plus that will make the difference in your wardrobe on vacation, thanks to the comfort and elegance that they are able to give you on every single occasion.

A tailored shirt does not necessarily have to be worn during special events or formal ceremonies. There are many summer fabrics and colors that, if worked by a tailor, can really solve most of your problems and greatly reduce the number of outfits to choose for the holidays.

Opt for light colors and natural fiber fabrics such as linen, cool wool and cotton: only once worn will you understand that you don't need to undress to feel fresh in summer. For example, a linen jacket - preferably unlined - thanks to its particular texture and natural properties, will be able to absorb the surrounding humidity very well, even in the hottest city.

Elegant but relaxed, this is the hottest summer men's fashion trend. But let's get straight to the point, what absolutely can't miss in your suitcase?

The tricks of the perfect gentleman, even on vacation

-Choose basic items in neutral colors to create many winning looks.

-Wear a classic cool wool or linen suit. You can combine the jacket with practical chinos for a more casual sweep or wear the entire dress for a more elegant evening

-Remember the shirts: one white and one blue, in linen or cotton, will be perfect with a pair of jeans, comfortable on the beach and formal if combined with the dress you wore.

Here are the three looks we have prepared for you, inspired by some of the most popular Italian summer locations in 2021:

-Fashion Monterosso: for an aperitif on the magical places perched on the suggestive cliff of the 5 Terre, we offer you an elegant but equally casual and comfortable look consisting of a midnight blue Korean shirt with a micro pattern with white dots, a pair of beige chinos which will contrast with the strictly brown shirt, belt and moccasin.

-Fashion Porto Cervo: for a day on the boat with a lot of lunch attached, wear a linen shirt and white cotton Bermuda shorts that will enhance your tan to the maximum and give you a touch of refined elegance.

-Fashion Palermo: the colors of southern Italy cannot fail to inspire you in choosing a unique and extravagant look. Choose a suit consisting of a pale blue jacket and trousers with a nude check pattern, combine an elegant white shirt and complete the look with a clutch bag that matches the color of the suit's pattern.