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The wedding with the right style

The wedding season is not over yet, although autumn is approaching: in fact, from 7 to 10 October 2021, the 56th edition of MilanoSposi has started at the Novegro exhibition park in Milan.

The gates of this historic event open, which has now become a classic trade fair in the Milanese city. An important and esteemed showcase dedicated to marriage, where the opportunity is taken to present the bridal and ceremony sector.

MilanoSposi is the most popular fair open to the public in terms of participation, and it is precisely for this reason that I felt the need to go there.

For a wedding with all the trimmings

For those who ask me if there are fashion trends in this sector too, I answer "yes", because in the end it is like when you choose an outfit for a Christmas party or for New Year's Eve dinner. However, you have to be careful since fashion screams, screams, involves you so much that you feel like the coolest "vogue man" of the moment.

He makes you believe you are wearing the right, perfect suit, but when you finally wear it, you don't really feel comfortable because it doesn't reflect the idea you wanted.

For the big day when love is celebrated, I personally prefer a refined style, opting for quality and class. I only provide small suggestions especially regarding the choice of trendy accessories that allow you to complete the outfit by giving it a cool and elegant style.

My choice is oriented towards a contemporary elegance that is both sober and never vulgar, with the search for meticulous details that can give the look its own personality. Let's go into more detail ..

Autumn wedding

For the autumn season, the perfect dress to orient yourself towards is the three-piece suit: the choice includes the use of the vest as it lends itself as a suitable garment for particularly important occasions. For the color, the following are mandatory: “midnight blue” in 100% worsted wool weighing 260gr / m, worked with a plain weave.

This fabric has special characteristics to ensure optimal comfort, protects from the cold and keeps you cool in closed and heated environments. The choice of color recalls tradition, gives the look an always refined and elegant look and can be worn for morning, afternoon or evening ceremonies.

The choice of the shirt falls on the white one in 100% cotton in Zephir 100/2 fabric with semi-French collar, posi by cufflinks, and with a regular fit. Of course, the one I recommend is also distinguished by small but very important details that make it unique and exclusive: 1 needle side seams, MP buttons, seam with 8 stitches for each centimeter, removable neck splints, fabric overlap, yoke, the octagonal fly, buttonhole and slit buttons… and much more.

I have no doubts about the tie: it must absolutely be seven folds sewn with only Italian silk made in Como. The design can be plain or pincushion while the choice of color is subjective. Personally I recommend always opting for pastel tones.

The tie I propose must have certain characteristics: the interiors must be made exclusively of pure double-twisted virgin wool, produced entirely by hand and sewn with Gütterman yarn. The cut, strictly at 45 ° with millimeter precision in matching the internal and external folds to obtain the perfect centering of the design on the blade.

As you can see, I don't really like to follow the latest trends, I always prefer a classic style, of good taste and that never goes out of fashion. Refined clothes are always the most beautiful, and for beauty, in this case, I refer to the harmony that is created between shapes and colors. Elegance also means that you can be attractive, because it allows you to grab attention and be sure to be remembered.

If you would like to learn more about the subject, Fimelato and Sergio Cairati are at your disposal for any clarification you deem necessary, as well as schedule any meetings and / or consultations.