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Fimelato Exclusive

Become part of an exclusive world full of services and benefits designed specifically for you who choose to wear Fimelato tailored garments.
Cultural events, Absolute Premiere, musical and social events and much more.
Fimelato Exclusive is totally free and is automatically activated on the first purchase.

Best social events

Don't miss the best social events of the moment! We have selected them for you! Parties, vernissages, previews, fashion shows, workshops are waiting for you!

Food & Gourmet

An experience of haute cuisine for all tastes!

Cool clubs, renowned restaurants, delicatessens and exclusive wineries are at your disposal. Your palate will be satisfied!

Many proposals await you to go in search of authentic flavors and tastes.

Art and Culture

Italy has an immense heritage of art and culture, often hidden in small villages outside the routes of mass tourism.

But not only ... exhibitions, museums, cultural events are never lacking in our beautiful country. It is a real heritage to be proud of!


Are you a fan of the performing arts? Do you love going to theater or cinema premieres?

Driving experiences

Do you love racing cars? Are you a speed enthusiast? Then don't miss the thrilling driving experiences for true adrenaline thrills!

Care & Wellness

The philosophy of healthy living and taking care of yourself as a lifestyle is the common thread of these special benefits selected for you!

Musical events

Do you love music? Don't you ever miss a concert? Then discover all the musical events we have in store for you!


Have you always wanted to know the secrets or get some style advice from the web's best-loved men's fashion experts?