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Fimelato's tailoring recipes

Today we will prepare a new sartorial recipe, based on high quality ingredients. As in the kitchen, in fact, the quality of the raw materials also makes the difference in the tailoring. This is why Fimelato produces all its clothes exclusively in Italy, where it entrusts the fabrics selected with passion and care to the hands of expert and competent tailors, who at a glance know how to transform the piece of fabric into a tailor-made suit. Today we want to inspire you with a refined recipe, which combines classic ingredients such as a blue jacket and waistcoat, with more delicious ingredients such as multicheck trousers. Do you want to know how to cook it? Follow all the steps!

Base: Royal Oxford shirt

We start the recipe by rolling out a fine cotton shirt, the famous Royal Oxford. The peculiarity of this shirt is that it is built with a particular cotton texture that makes the white appear very bright. It also stays cool even in summer and is really breathable, making it perfect for the hottest days when you can't give up on perfect style. We then fasten the shirt up to the last button and leave the collar up for the next step.

Step one: let's grease some silk

At this point we take a tie: we only use Seven Folds, the only guarantee that the tie has been made by hand. We choose one with a midnight blue base and micro Italian decorative designs. We tie it with a simple knot, four in hand, tighten it well at the neck and let the collar go down.

Step due: il panciotto

We continue by taking about 250 grams of midnight blue waistcoat and lay it on top of the Royal Oxford shirt. It is a classic single-breasted waistcoat that makes up the three-piece suit. Once placed, let out the sleeves of the shirt and adjust the size with the back strap.

Step three: the jacket

Here is the main ingredient of this recipe, 650 grams of pure wool four season jacket. Also in midnight blue, this is the classic formal suit jacket. We spread it over the other layers and slide the sleeves of the shirt inside the sleeves of the jacket.

Step four: glazing

Our recipe is almost ready but a fundamental step is missing: the glaze! To complete the decoration and seal everything, we take 400 grams of multicheck trousers and spread them over all the layers. A delicious glaze will form, because the wool and cotton fabric of the trousers will marry perfectly with all the other ingredients, but will give a touch of originality and panache to the dish. Don't forget to finish with a touch of white white lead clutch and you can serve up your look!