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Fimelato's tailoring recipes

Here we are back in the sartorial kitchen of Fimelato: with the arrival of Easter and the beautiful sunny days, we decided today to prepare a color-based recipe, with some daring combinations that give the final result liveliness and joy. Just like in the kitchen, we want to invite you to experiment with new combinations and combinations of different ingredients, to discover new tastes and new aspects of your personality. We are convinced, in fact, that clothing is an expression of our self, to also show outside those peculiarities that we all carry inside. We therefore invite you to take a cue from this recipe to create your own original and personal combinations, to amaze and amaze you, always in the name of the good taste that characterizes you as a gentleman.

Basis of our recipe will be a must that should be present in the wardrobe of every classy man, especially this season: it is a shirt in the finest Zephir cotton. Already from its name, which recalls the fresh breeze of the Zefiro wind, you can understand how this ingredient is ideal for the spring and summer season, thanks to the lightness of its cotton thread and its peculiar transpiration. We also choose a neutral and bright color such as white, which immediately gives an appearance of freshness and I will be perfect so as not to affect the combination of colors that we are going to associate in the following phases.

Above the shirt we are going to place a Seven Folds tie in silk, completely cut and sewn by hand. We choose a silver and black color, with a micro-processing that, associated with the brightness of the silk and its reflections, creates an iridescent effect depending on the light from which the tie is struck. Let's go and tie it with a four in hand knot that will go very well with the look that we will continue to create, colorful and informal. We tighten it well around the neck and lower the shirt collar.

We sprinkle with coral color

It's time to move on to the main ingredient of our sartorial recipe! So let's take a very particular jacket: it is a fully canvas construction, with sleeve and collar applied by hand, in a combination of wool and cotton fabric that makes the jacket soft to wear and light, but at the same time wraps the body perfectly and always maintains a constant temperature. Color is also its greatest strength: a slightly mélange bright coral, which creates a feeling of joy and movement. It is therefore a perfect ingredient for informal situations, which can be combined with nouance trousers or with a broken one, depending on the occasion and the personality of the wearer. We then slide our jacket over the Zephir shirt, insert the sleeves inside the jacket and close the first button. Remember: the first button must always be worn fastened, until you sit down and can unfasten the jacket.

Let's create a little contrast!

At this point we are going to combine a contrasting element with the coral jacket: it is an anthracite gray suit trousers, in four-season wool. The composition of the trousers remains light and breathable, while the color reflects the tie, creating a continuity between the top and the bottom of the look. In this way, harmony will be created between all the elements of the recipe, and the coral jacket will be even more enhanced by the neutrality of the other colors. Furthermore, the quality of the materials will always guarantee brightness even to the gray of the trousers, which will adapt in this way to the hot season despite the dark color.

What is missing to complete our look? Every self-respecting gentleman cannot help but insert a clutch bag in his jacket pocket. In this case we choose to fold it into a flower to stay consistent with the mood of our outfit and we serve!