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Fimelato's tailoring recipes

Happy Thursday with Fimelato sartorial recipes! Today we want to inspire you with a look that recalls the colors of the sea, the fresh sensation of water on the skin, the lightness that you breathe in summer. We will then go and see how to combine different ingredients of unquestionable quality, handmade and Made in Italy. If you too want to enjoy a bit of summer on this last Thursday in April, follow all the steps and you will discover the perfect look to wear. We also remind you that our recipes are ideas that want to inspire you to experiment with new combinations and combinations: let yourself be captivated by our experiments and create your own recipe!

Let's start from the base

First of all for this recipe we will need a light and luminous base, which is able to enhance and harmonize with each other all the ingredients that we are going to mix in the following steps. So let's take a cotton Zephir shirt with cuff for cufflinks: simple and refined, with a French collar. A must that every gentleman should have in their wardrobe. In fact, the Zephir shirt is perfect to be worn in the summer because it is very light and breathable, but retains an unexceptionable aura of elegance and class for the man who wears it.

On top of the shirt, we are going to spread a Seven Folds tie made by hand with the finest silks: we choose a bright light blue color that stands out on the white of the shirt and that we will need to animate the following ingredients. We tie the tie with a four in hands knot, a simple and informal knot that is well suited to the look we are cooking.

Let's stratify!

At this point, let's take the main ingredient of the recipe: a very light aquamarine green jacket. It is a fully lined jacket, with open buttonholes and embroidered inside collar. Its composition in wool and cotton makes it really fresh for the summer season, and its slightly breath-apple color gives it movement and originality. This jacket is perfect at this time of year, throughout the summer and until autumn: the composition with a part of wool in fact allows you to maintain a constant body temperature, while the cotton makes it lighter. Furthermore, the canvassed structure, and therefore sewn instead of glued, combined with the fabric, make the jacket fall on the jacket like a glove, for an enveloping fit. So let's add a layer over the shirt with this delicious ingredient.

Dressing is inevitable!

It's time to season our recipe by adding that pinch of contrast that will make it original and unique. For this we take about 400gr of multicheck patterned trousers: its composition always in wool and cotton make it fit like that of the jacket, while the pattern is slightly melange to resume the same dynamism of aquamarine green. This ingredient is therefore ideal for seasoning the dish which in this way will see all the other steps harmonize with each other! In fact, even the tie will be taken up by the nuances of the multicheck.

Finally we add a small and inevitable decoration that distinguishes the true gentleman: a cotton clutch bag with embroidered initials, to be folded into a flower and inserted in the pocket.
Our marine recipe is ready to be served on the table!