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Ms Bass always kissed her shoes before going out.



The penny loafer is a type of shoe without laces that is generally open. For its realization a soft leather is used. They become more and more a combination of elegance and comfort.

The origins

To invent the ancestors of moccasins (it. Mocassini) were the Indians of North America by wrapping the foot with a single piece of soft leather that rises on the hips. The term "loafer" derives from the translation of the word "shoe" in the Algonquan language spoken by the red skin.

The shape most similar to the current one, spread in 1932, when the American Spaulding family started the production of comfortable shoes inspired by those of Norwegian milk milkers, portrayed in an article in Esquire magazine.

The 1930s marked the boom in penny loafers. In 1936 the American company GH Bass of John R. Bass's boot manufacturer launched the Weejun Loafers. Where Weejun is short for "Norwegian", while Loafer means "slacker". This industrialist was responsible for the invention of the lip-shaped mask that would later have housed the typical penny coin. It is said that this rounded carving was inspired by the mouth of John's wife, Alice Bass, who always kissed her shoes before going out. The fact is, that initially Weejun moccasins are not approved by fashion critics who brand them as "slippers", strongly discouraging their use.

Until in the 40s Fred Astaire adopted loafers to dance the tip tap, throwing them as shoes to wear even with a tailcoat.

From university campuses to the emblem of elegance

The luck of loafer is sanctioned by the young Americans on university campuses who adopt them as a comfortable accessory for informal clothing. They are used to inserting that penny that has become a typical accessory of the accessory in the lip-shaped mask. To the point that the loafer will be renamed “penny loafer”.

In the 1950s, the Ivy League style left the American campuses, spreading all over the world and among every social category. Loafers become an emblem of elegance, conquering the taste of jazz musicians and financial operators. While, the first mods make it an element of their "uniform".

Gucci and the loafer's revolution

It's time for modernisms. Gucci reinterprets the loafer, replacing the mouth mask with a clamp (metal application).
The horsebit loafer made its debut on the world scene in 1953, when Guccio Gucci's son, Aldo Gucci, decided to expand the family business by extending the business to footwear as well, definitively signing the destiny of this model as the most famous Gucci shoe. iconic ever. The loafer with
clamp has lived many lives since its creation 62 years ago, earning it an important place
as a key element of both the male and female wardrobe.
While the student protest of 1968 will revolutionize the world, Fratelli Rossetti aestheticizes the revolutionary spirit, launching the sponge-lined yacht loafer to be worn without socks and the loafer reworked in the form of a boot or sandal.

It is clear that by now the loafer speaks Italian, at the end of the 70s Diego Della Valle proposes a luxury shoe to be worn with an elegant suit, but also with a casual suit.
Thus was born "Gommino" the loafer today renowned all over the world, with the sole formed by 133 rubber balls, called "Gommino".
In the Eighties, the emerging designers renewed the loafer, reinterpreting it in imaginative variations. Fratelli Rossetti also reinterprets them in a glamorous evening version with trimmings applications.

Renewed from season to season, they take on an irreplaceable role in the dynamic and comfortable elegance that advances at an ever faster pace. Unmissable in the summer wardrobe and in the holiday suitcase: it is perfect for spring and summer.
Comfortable and suitable for everyday occasions; soft upper low and thin sole for a shoe with a strong personality capable of enriching outfits with the most classic intentions or embellishing everyday outfits with a swirl of colors.

Sergio Cairati

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