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The gentlemen's wardrobe: everything you don't know yet

Household men, tidy, attentive to their personal effects and ... to their wardrobe! Hear, hear: they really exist!

The impeccable gentlemen cultivate elegance in every detail, even in the care of their wardrobe. In fact, perfectly ironed clothes and shirts are not only the result of dry cleaners, laundries or the precious household iron, but their maintenance derives more from a correct organization of the wardrobe.

Thanks to this article you will find out how to fold and hang clothes and shirts correctly and which are the most popular summer trends for 21st century dandies.

Shirts: hang or fold them in the wardrobe?

We assume that there is no right and wrong solution. Much depends on the size of your wardrobe. In fact, if you have little space, the advice is to fold them.

Follow these simple steps to avoid making mistakes - and horrors -:

Lay the shirt out on a flat surface with the buttons facing down
Fold the side of the shirt about 1/3 towards the center
Fold the sleeve over it and repeat the operation for the opposite side as well
Finally, count about 5cm from the bottom and fold the bottom edge of the shirt towards the shoulders

However, if the wardrobe is larger, we recommend that you have a hanger, place your shirt over it and button it from the collar to the last button. In this case it is essential to arrange the shirt so that there are no folds between the collar and shoulders.

A tip to avoid the risk of wrinkling the hanging shirts is to dedicate a specific area of ??the closet to them, at the beginning or at the end of the auction, in order to keep them separate from other clothing with which they may come into contact.

Businessmen and long days in the car: choose a non-iron shirt

Widespread since the seventies, the no-iron shirt represents the perfect solution for all businessmen forced to spend long hours in the car every day, always maintaining an impeccable look.

This treatment is used on pure cotton fabrics and thanks to increasingly refined technologies, it guarantees the creation of soft shirts, resistant to use and absolutely elegant.

With hot summer days, the no-iron shirt will become your ally at all times, guaranteeing you absolute comfort, even at work.

Tailored Suits: how to wear them in summer and order them in the wardrobe

As you will imagine, in the case of clothes, the choice is much simpler: if you want to preserve their integrity, the only solution is to hang them.

Don't have enough space? Try to organize your wardrobe by folding everything that can be stored in the drawers and leave the rods free for clothes that need to be hung.

If you have the opportunity, the clothes rail can be an excellent solution for those looking to optimize space while still giving their wardrobe a clean and tidy look. This alternative is advantageous as it allows you to hang a greater number of items.

Business meetings and air travel: choose a tailored suit

The first things that will come to mind are those horrible wrinkles on the jacket, the shirt that gets wet from the heat and the pants that crease because of the plane seat on which you will have to sit for a few hours.

However, there is a way to keep a perfect look on the go!

The secret lies in the quality of the fabrics and in the wearability: always choose clothes made with 100% natural fibers such as wool, cotton or linen depending on your destination.

While for the fit, it is essential that the dress follows the shape of your body in order to guarantee you extreme comfort throughout the day.

A tailored suit will give you comfort and elegance even in apparently the most complex situations. Thanks to the vast assortment of strictly made in Italy fabrics, you will have the opportunity to create the perfect tailored suit for you that never tires of standing out on any occasion.

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