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Wedding… but you don't know what to wear

The half tight

The half tight is the wedding version with a short jacket compared to the traditional tight, so it lacks the classic flaps. The jacket always remains a little longer than a traditional one, it always comes with a very rounded one button fastening on the front, peak lapels, inclined flaps and covered buttons. It is a ceremonial garment that follows the same rules as the morning suit, so it goes well with a different colored vest with striped trousers.

The half tight is a perfect choice for those very elegant but less formal weddings that always take place before 6pm. Even the combinations follow the same rules: white shirt with cufflinks and rigid collar, possible plastron or silk tie, black lace-up shoes. Let's not forget a nice white pocket handkerchief and the classic flower (white carnation, gardenia and camellia) to be inserted in the boutonnière. In addition to the groom, the half tight is an excellent alternative choice for the best man or guests who do not like the long jacket. It is important to keep in mind that no one will have to wear a morning suit or half tight if the groom wears a different suit, such as a revisited tuxedo or a three-piece suit.

The tuxedo: formal elegance

The term tuxedo is a definition used only in German, French and Italian-speaking countries, while in the USA we speak of tuxedo and in England of dinner jacket. There is also a tuxedo jacket, not to be confused with the tuxedo we are talking about. The name is indicative of its function. Once upon a time men put on their tuxedo jackets before retiring to the smoking room and put on their dinner jackets on their return. The aim was not to offend the noses of the ladies present with the smell of smoke and tobacco.

The smoking jacket differs from the dinner jacket also for the invoice, usually in velvet with a shawl collar and embroidery. In addition to well-defined occasions, such as weddings, the tuxedo is used in formal environments and above all it is considered an evening dress. For example, in the best European hotels it is not uncommon for gentlemen to go to dinner in a tuxedo. The classic colors of the tuxedo are blue and black, with inserts such as chevron in the trousers and silk in the lapels.

In some cases, white jackets are used for outdoor evening parties or cruises. Together with the bow tie, the band that surrounds the waistline where the shirt enters the trousers is a must. In recent years the tuxedo has entered the groom's wardrobe, especially for civil weddings that take place in the evening. The line is cleaner and simpler than traditional thanks to the elimination of silk details and the revised length of the jacket. If used with a waistcoat or tie, the final effect is perfect and decrees the good taste of the wedding.

Suit with vest: classic tailoring. The classic three-piece tailored suit is an ideal choice if the bride's dress is not exactly traditional, in shape or color. But it is also the perfect choice for the groom who prefers a suit to be reused on other occasions or who conceives the suit only in its traditional forms. The classic suit must be single-breasted, the trousers with a classic cut without a final turn-up. The shades are variable, dark colors such as gray and blue are preferred, perhaps opting for a contrasting silk waistcoat. There are several possibilities for buttonholes: one button, two buttons, three buttons, three buttons pressed in two. Patch pockets are completely unsuitable, while welt ones are perfect.

Light-colored dresses are great for outdoor weddings or weddings that follow a particular theme. The classic suit requires a white cotton shirt, to be evaluated whether with a tie or plastron. Black lace-up shoes are ideal for any type of combination you are looking for.

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